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You do not know the acrylic-(

Acrylic, English Acrylic Chinese it is called, the chemical name for poly (methyl methacrylate).
As an early development of thethermoplastic material, acrylic having a good transparency
and chemical stability, the process of casting, injection molding,
extrusion, thermoforming, etc. in a conventional molding method.

Acrylic materials are widely used in the color mask, aircraft the travel doors and
Windows (decoration effect diagram) glass, daily necessities, toiletries, kitchen (decoration effect
Diagram) supplies. Acrylic research and development, a history of morethan a hundred
Years ago. ln 1984 the world’s first acrylic bathtub (decoration renderings) was
born from widely used insanitary industry industry. Acrylic materials in China, in the 1990s, was widely used in sanitary field, especially the bathtub, the marketvast majority athtub is made of acrylic materials.

Acrylic is a specially treated organic material, due to its excellent strength and
toughness and good light
transmission earlyshall be used for the manufacfacture of aircrart windshields, modern acrylic
materials  decoration renderings)surfaceovercoating high the intensity of UV absorbers and
have a variety of colors. Japanese sun and rain, the service life of up to ten years, is more
Popular in the international outdoor logo sign making materials, sanitary ware production
materials. Acryliclogo can be seen everywhere in the downtown business district of Paris, New
York, Tokyo and other international
Cities, beautiful figure, add infinite charm for numerous internationally renowned corporate brand image.


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